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Take Control of Your Membership Experiences!

November 21, 2009

Joining a national professional organization reaps rewards beyond impressing employers and local chapter events. Explore all your options! As president of PRSSA Pepperdine Chapter, I strive to take advantage of every event outside of my chapter that I can afford (in terms of money and time). Some of my favorite events this year include:

Each experience was enriching and fantastic in its own right! Here is an overview of benefits:

  • Gain a sense of a national profession/organization- you are not alone!
  • Network with industry pros and future leaders- it’s all about relationships!
  • Learn best practices, new media, and innovative ideas
  • Practice your elevator pitch and 30 second commercial- you will gain confidence and clarify your message!

I encourage you to take an active role in you associations- take control of your member experience and milk it for all it is worth! To learn more about the events that I attended just click on the highlighted text above!

Here is a photo collage of some of my PRSSA memories this year:

Mosaic of my experiences at 2009 National PRSSA events

1. A good time in new orleans na09, 2. me & Sarah New Orleans NA09, 3. Ernesto from UCF at leadership rally, 4. Fellow presidents and roomies!, 5. Fantastic architechture in new orleans, 6. Soo much food!, 7. NC09 conference committee, 8. NC09 PRSA National President, 9. nc09- 90210 celebrity with kion&Mary-Rose nc09, 10. Ocelot from SDzoo PRSA nc09, 11. PRSSA delegates NA09, 12. PRSSA national committee nc09, 13. The men of National Committee & comm director NC09

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