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3 Stages of Knowledge (and their benefits!)

August 21, 2009

Ever heard the old cliche, “Knowledge is Power?” While the saying is tired, the advice is not. The life cycle of knowledge provides us with invaluable life tools manifested in what I have divided into three stages: getting it, using it, and passing it on. Each stage provides us with hidden benefits that reach far beyond the surface value of learning a subject.

Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge. Learning empowers us with critical thinking skills necessary in all decision-making, big or small. Learning requires taking an active role in your development of a broad and in-depth body of knowledge. Go beyond life’s lessons and educate yourself. Never stop learning; go back to school and finish that degree, check out graduate school, or join a local professional organization that offers development training. Take a cooking class or learn a new language. On a budget with your time or money? Read a book or white paper. Interview people who inspire you or ask your elderly neighbor about their youth. Opportunities to learn abound. Remember, your brain is a muscle that must be exercised! Use it or lose it.

Knowledge gives us the tools to make sense of our experiences and to think logically. The more we know, the better equipped we are to weigh out the possibilities in front of us, and with that comes confidence in decision-making. Knowledge keeps us relevant and helps us communicate with different people. Diversity prevails in this post-modern world, placing importance on learning a wide range subjects. Seek out new and interesting opportunities. If anything intimidates you, you should try it once. We fear that which we do not know. Plunge and explore the unknown.

Knowledge kept is knowledge incomplete. The life cycle of knowledge is incomplete if it remains in the mind of the knower. Pass on what you learn! There is no world limitation on the amount of knowledge to go around. Don’t try to give yourself the upper hand and hoard what you know. Let others benefit from your experience and inspire them to explore the world. The greatest personal growth is often experienced when assisting in the growth of another. Engaging in the exchange of knowledge opens us to learning more.

Learning gives us the power of critical thinking. Knowledge gives us the power to see and seize opportunity. The selfless sharing of knowledge is the highest form of growth. For these reasons and more, never stop seeking, using, and passing knowledge.

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